Meet the Faculty

Meet Cheryl Cofield

CEO, Culture of Civility International, LLC and Story Masters International, LLC

Cheryl Cofield is a corporate leadership trainer, diversity and inclusion strategist, race dialogue facilitator, executive culture coach, and Certified Dare to LeadTM  Facilitator.  She mixes a deep reservoir of professional expertise with complex soft-skills to assist C-suite executives with increasing authenticity, building courage, mitigating bias, evoking powerful transformation, and leaving legendary legacies. Cheryl is a seasoned storyteller who masterfully holds brave space for courageous conversation and sensitive dialogue, and an expert in building courage and humanizing workplaces.

With over 30 years of experience, Cheryl has managed complex human capital portfolios for Fortune 10 corporations, served as a civil rights employment and trial attorney for a myriad of local and national governmental entities, and served as dean of inclusive leadership, chief dialogue officer, and curator of transformative narratives and storytelling integration in Higher Education Administration roles.  Most recently, she served as Associate Vice President of Global Diversity, Equity, Belonging & Inclusion for CARE USA, an international humanitarian & global social justice NGO dedicated to saving lives, defeating poverty, empowering women and girls, and achieving social justice.

Cheryl has served on advisory boards for the American Institute for Managing Diversity, The Conference Board, the College & University Professional Association, the Atlanta Diversity Management Advocacy Group, the National Storytelling Network’s Healing Story Alliance, and The Moth’s Directors Circle. Her award-winning programs have been recognized in publications such as Psychology Today, Profiles in Diversity Journal, The Academic Leader, and The Higher Education Workplace Magazine.

Cheryl is the CEO of Culture of Civility International, LLC, a boutique Diversity & Inclusion consulting firm, and Story Masters International, LLC, an emerging storytelling agency focused on the crafting and preserving of social justice, identity, and healing stories. As a trainer, coach, and consultant, she has served a host of prominent clients such as Harvard University, The Federal Reserve Bank, JPMorgan Chase, Dropbox, West Point Academy, March of Dimes, Department of Homeland Defense & Security, Cornell Weil Medical Center, Barclays, the National Center for Civil & Human Rights, Phillips Exeter Academy, Columbia University’s Irvine Medical Center, Rolls Royce, Alcoa, Ingalls’ Shipbuilding, and Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.  Cheryl enjoys fencing and performing magic, and is the proud mother of Zoe Ariana, a 1st year student at Emory University School of Medicine.