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Meet Byron E. Loflin

The Global Head of Board Engagement at NASDAQ

Byron Loflin is the Global Head of Board Engagement at NASDAQ where he leads the governance team in driving strategic, collaborative, and technology-based initiatives to strengthen board governance effectiveness. Byron is the founder and former CEO of the Center for Board Excellence (CBE), which was acquired by Nasdaq in 2019. Prior to CBE, Byron was the CEO for over two private companies for more than 20 years.
Byron is widely recognized across the governance community for developing unique leadership initiatives that drive shareholder value. He is an acknowledged subject matter expert on board dynamics, corporate culture, accountability, and performance accountability as a driver of excellence in governance.

He has pioneered best practices, board refreshment, diversity, structural alignment, and corporate planning as a platform to higher profitability and customer value. His team has performed several hundred third-party board, committee, peer, and CEO self-assessments for many of the global leaders in industry. He is a graduate of James Madison University (BA) and Harvard Business School (OPM).