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Meet Ayo Alaran

Chief Operating Officer, DelNovak, LLC

Ayo is Chief Operating Officer at DelNovak LLC. DelNovak is a government contractor, with expertise in Cyber Security and Technology Transformation. At DeNovak, Ayo is responsible for business development, client delivery, partnerships, internal operations, and capture management.

Ayo is an entrepreneur (started over 5 companies), investor, and higher performance professional with over 20 years of Technology, Business Operations, Project Management, and contributions to government agencies. Ayo’s expertise includes Project Management, Cyber Security Hygiene, Emerging Technologies, Digital Transformation, and Business Process Transformation.

Ayo’s experience includes contributions at government agencies such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Department of Defense (Army, Marines), USAID, Transit Agencies, and local governments. Ayo continuously exceeds client expectations by focusing on operational excellence and strong program delivery.

Ayo volunteers to propagate mindfulness to humanity. As a member of the Working Group Leadership and Faculty Member at the Herndon Directors Institute (HDI), Ayo supports HDI in its mission to educate and to increase minority and women participation on corporate boards.

Ayo is a regular financial supporter to various charitable causes and holds a PMP certification and degrees from Georgia Tech and MIT.