Our Core Values

Our mission is to chart a new path forward that drives inclusion in governance. To accomplish this, we will build a platform of stakeholders that are committed to socioeconomic equity in ways beyond simply writing a check for a good cause.

We are the arbiters of “servant leadership,” laser-focused on preparing a “seat at the table” to generate shared interest, shared purpose, and shared ownership.

We seek to augment participation in governance with a broader, richer, more robust cadre of leadership that redefines the components of shareholder value.

We embrace the tenets of Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) as a contribution to shareholder value.  The responsibility of the board is to position performance metrics that drive ESG support and goal achievement, while embedding it into the organizational DNA. The social and economic challenges posed by the absence of people of color in board leadership have been well documented. But an even greater challenge results when a majority of America’s corporate leaders have no formal on-boarding process that enables directors that do make the cut, the opportunity to understand the culture, direction, and values that shape the company’s mission. Therein lies the role of the Herndon Directors Institute.